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Habushu Snake Sake 2.jpg
4 Shot Shotski


Whether you're a Skier or a Snowboarder, the one thing that without a doubt unites us all, is the one and only Ski Shot. So come down to the best Après-Ski in town and let us put aside our differences.


With a wide array of local Japanese beverages, ranging from our carefully selected sakes to the classic Kirin draft beer, we offer a trip into the Japanese drinking culture and much more. With a team of international hosts, we guarantee that you will feel  welcome at Ollies Follie.


We also guarantee that our staff is fluent in English allowing for many interesting conversations. So if you're looking for a good time or you just want to gain some insight into the resort from our local riders, head on over and we will embrace you with open arms.

 But to those daring dandies out there:


The Habushu Viper Sake is lurking!


Located in the heart of Appi Kogen, Ollies Follie can easily be reached by foot from any location in the resort:


≈10 min Appi Plaza

 ≈12 min Appi Grand

 ≈3 min B&B Area


If you have any special wishes or any questions, please contact us  via the formula below.

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